Broadband 4 AllTM is the outcome of a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Meraka Institute to bridge the digital divide and bring the social and economic benefits offered by broadband connectivity to rural communities in South Africa and other developing countries. The objective of the project is to offer broadband access to rural communities in an affordable and sustainable fashion.

This will be made possible by enabling low cost building and sharing of connectivity through utilising Mesh Networking principles and equipment to expand coverage within local communities negating the need for expensive radio equipment and high radio towers.

To ensure sustainability of the initiative, the local community and more specifically an adequately skilled and trained local entrepreneur also known as the Village OperatorTM will be responsible for operating, promoting and expanding the Broadband 4 AllTM offering in their respective communities.

Phase 1 of the project is focussed on research, planning, developing and testing the basic broadband connectivity solution.

Following the successful conclusion of trials in various rural communities, the Broadband 4 All™ concept and associated business model is now being finalised to allow for the service to be rolled out in a repeatable fashion by local Village Operators in other rural areas.

The final output from Phase 1 will be a packaged offering that can be implemented as a generic, stand-alone data and voice capability that will empower a Village Operator™  to run a sustainable and financially viable suite of services to the community.